Women’s History Month: Three Indian Women You Should Know About

Happy Women’s History Month!  This month, we honor and remember Indian women who have broken past barriers and have changed their nation and planet for the better.  India has seen significant contributions from women who have impacted society and have paved the way for future generations of women, despite a mountain of gender discrimination and […]

A Story of Hope and Transformation this Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, and we are sharing the story of Amalya*. Her story is one many girls in India can relate to. It highlights key areas of the abuse and injustice that girls often face.  Amalya’s family wanted a boy. When Amalya was born instead, her family didn’t celebrate. Instead, they verbally abused her mother […]

International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated across the world

Out of adversity—creativity, resilience, and courage are born. We believe this is especially true of every girl and woman in India who has ever faced gender discrimination and emerged stronger. Millions of people are celebrating girls today, and we wanted to share how our friends in India are joining in! 108 girls and 72 of […]

4 key takeaways about India from the 2022 TIP Report

The US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report was released this week. This report is the gold standard for anti-trafficking information, representing almost every country in the world. The (over 600-page) document, ranks 188 countries’ efforts to combat trafficking, with country-specific reporting on prosecution, prevention, trafficking profile, and recommendations for further action. You can […]

Sponsorship 101: Celebrating your sponsored girl’s birthday

Celebrating your sponsored girl’s birthday is a simple but impactful way that you connect her life with yours. In the same way that writing letters to her builds a meaningful connection with her, celebrating her birthday each year can do the same. 💡FYI: If you don’t know how to find your sponsored girl’s birthday in […]

Sponsorship 101: 3 ways to connect with your sponsored girl

Sponsorship can feel like a far-away endeavor if you aren’t given key ways to build a meaningful connection with your sponsored girl. Here are 3 ways you can create connection with her, even from across the world! 01 – Write letters  The main way to build a meaningful connection with your sponsored girl is to […]

#EveryGirl in India is valuable, worthy, and equal to any boy

At the end of 2021, we rescued 163 girls who now need sponsors. We want a future in India with girls in it—and TODAY we’re launching a sponsorship campaign called #EveryGirl. We want #EveryGirl in India to know she is valued, worthy, and equal to any boy and we want #EveryGirl that we rescue to […]

You need to hear Aaliyah’s story. We all do.

When faced with marriage to an older man, Aaliyah* walked 8.5 miles barefoot and alone to find our local partner. We immediately placed her in a safe home where she now receives regular care, counseling, and a good education as part of our sponsorship program! Listen to Aaliyah’s story in her own words to see how […]