Millions of girls and women in India are discriminated against and murdered just because they are female.

Female gendercide is the mass killing of girls and women. More girls and women in India have been discriminated against and killed in the past century than in any other modern-day genocide.

of girls in India do not live past puberty
0 %
of girls in India marry before age 18
0 %

Source: UNICEF

of women in India are victims of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime
0 %

Source: UN Development Fund for Women

We can end female gendercide in India—with your help.

Violence against women is on the uptick in India. Girls are in danger of trafficking, gender-based discrimination, sexual violence, and even death. Help us end this culture of violence against women and girls.

elements of gendercide

Indian laws against sex-selective abortion are often not enforced. One girl is aborted in India every minute—just because she is a girl.


When a daughter is born, family members may kill the baby girl just because she is a girl. Infanticide is so widely practiced that girls in India are 75% more likely to die than boys.


Sex trafficking is a consequence of India’s gender imbalance. Young girls are frequently forced into prostitution or to fulfill the demand for wives.


Violence against women occurs more frequently in areas where men outnumber women. For example, in India, one woman an hour is murdered due to dowry disputes.

female gendercide is destroying lives.
Here's how you can help.