for 10 years

We’ve been fighting to save girls’ lives and end gendercide in India.

Our team

Our international team includes lawyers, social workers and other professionals who work together to fight gendercide in India. Our headquarters is in the US, with partner offices in four locations throughout South Asia.

our goal

End gendercide in our lifetime.

We partner with Indian organizations to rescue vulnerable girls. We help the government pursue justice. We create a movement of like-minded people in India. We support indigenous people and entities in their work to combat this injustice.

Jill McElya

President & Co-founder

Jill and her husband, Brad, first learned about female gendercide while living in southern India in 2009. They officially founded Invisible Girl Project in 2011 with the goal of saving girls’ lives and ending gendercide in India. Today, they live in Raleigh, NC with their two daughters.

Abraham (Abey) George

Executive Director

Abey joined IGP because of his desire to see an India that values daughters as equals. He previously founded an organizational health consulting agency that helped corporations build better business efficiencies and team culture. Abey, his wife, and their two children live outside of Washington, DC.



Brad McElya


Brad helped his wife Jill found Invisible Girl Project while they were living in India. Now a nonprofit organization based in the United States, Brad and Jill regularly travel to India to visit IGP’s partners and to support their organizational and financial needs.