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Jill McElya


Jill McElya is Founder and President of Invisible Girl Project. Before founding IGP, she spent nearly ten years practicing law, in various roles—as a prosecuting attorney, a criminal defense attorney, and a human rights advocate. Jill received a B.A. in English from William Jewell College and her J.D. from the University of Missouri, Kansas-City, School of Law.

In January 2008, she moved to India to serve as the Deputy Director and Director of the Legal Department for the Chennai field office of an international human rights organization. In this capacity, she and her staff of Indian lawyers worked to rescue victims of bonded labor (slavery) and hold their perpetrators accountable through the public justice system. During that time, she had the privilege of working with Indian government officials, and she participated in training efforts for various level officials.

While living in India for two years, Jill and her husband, Brad learned of the practice of female gendercide (the systematic killing of females) and founded Invisible Girl Project (IGP). Their goal was (and remains) to come alongside Indian individuals and entities to help them in their efforts to fight gendercide. Jill has spoken extensively on the issue across the US, including testifying before Congress on the subject of “India’s Missing Girls.”

Jill lives with Brad and their two daughters in North Carolina.

Brad McElya


Brad McElya is co-founder of Invisible Girl Project. While living in India, Brad and his wife, Jill were exposed to the practice of female infanticide and saw its horrendous results. Moved to action, Brad extensively studied the issue and began relationships with Indians who were already doing incredible work to combat the problem. At that time, Brad and Jill determined to come alongside Indian individuals and entities to help them in their efforts to fight gendercide. IGP was birthed in 2009, obtaining its not-for-profit status with the IRS in 2011.

Brad is a pharmacist by profession, having received his Pharm.D. from Butler University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and his B.S. from the University of Evansville. He has practiced pharmacy for ten years, including serving in a number of medical camps in South Asia. He has also received additional not-for-profit business training through the “Greater Good Program” of the All-State Foundation, in conjunction with the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business (graduate of the Class of 2016).

Brad and Jill have two daughters and live in North Carolina.

Melody Gandy


Melody Gandy has served on the Board of Directors for Invisible Girl Project for over three years and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Board.

Melody particularly has a heart to combat female feticide. With a history of fighting for the unborn, Melody advises Invisible Girl Project on bringing change to a mindset of a culture of beliefs that girls’ lives are disposable. She sees all life as inherently valuable and believes that no female should be discriminated against, in any form—feticide, infanticide, neglect or trafficking.

Melody has a history of speaking about these and similar issues. She is a graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Speech Communications. Melody has traveled throughout the US, speaking at numerous conferences and college campuses. She formerly worked for CRU and also has led numerous groups for wives of players in the National Football League.

Melody and her husband, Dylan, live in Carmel, Indiana with their three children.