When you sponsor a girl, you're providing for her needs and communicating her value.

Girls who enter our sponsorship program leave it with education, a way to provide income, and the confidence that they are equal to any man. Our sponsors cover their girl’s tuition fees, meals, and trauma counseling with their $50 monthly donation.

1. A girl in India is rescued from an at-risk situation
All of the girls in the program have been rescued from dangerous situations such as forced labor, child marriage, neglect, and more. Our social workers rescue these girls from danger, often saving their lives, and enter them into the child sponsorship program.
2. The rescued girl is cared for—physically, emotionally, and mentally
Depending on the situation, the rescued girl will either be placed in one of our safe homes or stay with her family. No matter what, she will receive everything she needs: food, school fees, and expert mental health counseling.
3. Your sponsorship begins!
When you begin a sponsorship, 100% of your money goes to the field to provide for your girl—none of it is taken out for overhead costs. This money provides your girl with the resources mentioned before: food, regular interaction with one of our social workers, and everything she needs to go to school.
4. You get to communicate with your girl—and she gets to communicate with you!
As part of your sponsorship, you have the opportunity to write letters to your girl and have your girl write letters back to you. The disbursement of letters from girls to their sponsors happens approximately one time a year, when our team is able to make trips to India to visit the girls.
5. Your girl thrives!
By being in our child sponsorship program, your girl will constantly hear the truths her society might not be telling her—that she is important, loved, and just as significant as any boy. She will be given the invaluable opportunity to learn and grow at school—all the way through college if she desires. She will exit the program a capable, cared for, strong woman.
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Please visit our child sponsorship page to see the rescued girls available for sponsorship at $50/month. 100% of your sponsorship goes to the field to care for the girl you sponsor.

100% of your monthly payment goes directly to meet the needs of your sponsored girl. None of the money from your donation is ever taken out for overhead costs or administrative fees. Your donation covers your girl’s tuition fees, provides her with a school uniform, gives her nutritious meals, and pays for her to receive mental health counseling. Every dollar you contribute to your sponsorship gets sent where it is needed most—to help your girl thrive and succeed.

Write her letters! All of our girls eagerly await the letters from their sponsors and cherish every one of them. The girls also write letters back to you, which we collect and distribute to you once a year. Please mail your letters to: Invisible Girl Project, PO BOX 99068, Raleigh, NC 27624, with your girl’s name and ID number on the outside of the envelope.
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