Sponsorship FAQs


Please visit our child sponsorship page to see the rescued girls available for sponsorship at $50/month. 100% of your sponsorship goes to the field to care for your child.

When you sign up to sponsor a girl, you set up a payment that will automatically process every month. You can process your payment via credit or debit card, bank account, or PayPal. 

100% of your monthly payment goes directly to meet the needs of your sponsored girl. None of the money from your donation is ever taken out for overhead costs or administrative fees. Your donation covers your girl’s tuition fees, provides her with a school uniform, gives her nutritious meals, and pays for her to receive mental health counseling. Every penny you contribute to your sponsorship gets sent where it is needed most—to help your girl thrive and succeed.

The only sponsorships we have are girls who have actually been rescued. Because we’re a small organization and 100% of funds go to care, we stand out from other nonprofits with sponsorship programs.

Every girl has different plans for her future when she exits high school. If the girl you sponsor chooses to go to college or graduate school, you can continue to sponsor her and help support her education. However, if she decides to start working or pursue something else, then she would age out of the program and we will reassign you to another girl.
Communicating with your girl

Write her letters! All of our girls eagerly await the letters from their sponsors and cherish every one of them. The girls also write letters back to you, which we collect and distribute to you once a year. 

Please mail your letters to:  Invisible Girl Project, 4804 Page Creek Ln, Durham, NC 27703, with your girl’s name and ID number on the outside of the envelope.

All sponsors receive a bimonthly newsletter specific to our sponsorship program, in addition to monthly newsletters with updates from the field. Additionally, you will receive a new photo and personalized update from your girl every year.

You can certainly send your girl a gift for her birthday or an ordinary day! For logistical reasons, these gifts are restricted to something small that can fit in a flat envelope. We recommend a stationery-like gift, such as stickers or a small notebook.

Note: we do not allow our sponsors to send extra money to their girl (outside of normal sponsorship costs) as this could cause perceived favoritism or competition between girls.

We do not allow sponsors to visit their sponsored girls or our partner home. Our ultimate goal is always the safety and protection of these girls who have already gone through so much. For this reason, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule. However, we encourage you to build a relationship with your girl by writing letters to her!


We want to keep girls in their families as much as possible. We identify whether families are safe through counseling & help. Girls only stay in family homes if they will be safe there. Social workers regularly meet with the families to check on the well-being of the girls.

If their family home is NOT safe, girls live in safe homes with clothes, food, protection, education, and mental health care. We have standards for these homes – they have to be financially accountable for how they use the money we give them.


We want to empower girls through education. Our partners send all girls to school and are also required to educate on female gendercide. All girls are receiving education on their value & that the preference of sons is wrong.

We continue to sponsor all rescued girls until they graduate high school and even beyond through our Educational Assistance Program (EAP). In this program, $60 sends a girl to school for a year. We send over 400 rescued girls to school & help over 400 girls still with their families go to better schools & work with families to share the value of girls. After high school, if our girls want to go to college, we will continue to sponsor them. Our goal is for the girls we work with to become change-makers in their culture. We want female gendercide to end with them.

Our RICE (Rescue, Intervention, Counseling & Care, Education & Empowerment) program supports our social workers as they rescue vulnerable babies and girls from being killed or trafficked, intervene in the lives of needy families to support their daughters, care for rescued girls, and empower women through education and various programs.