Amna’s Rescue 

Amna*, a nine year old girl, comes from a family facing immense financial hardship. Everyday, the family experienced unbearable tension because Amna* was the youngest of four daughters. Amna’s* father, unable to accept that he never had a son, was consumed by anger. Raised with the belief that a wife’s worth lay solely in bearing sons, he considered his daughters a disgrace. Fueled by alcohol and contempt, Amna’s* father abandoned his wife and daughters to marry another woman in pursuit of a son. 

Left to fend for themselves, Amna’s* mother started selling inexpensive bangles, but the income was insufficient to provide for her daughters’ education.  The constant struggle weighed heavily on Amna*, her mother, and her sisters. The struggle cast a long, dark shadow over the girls’ day to day lives. They could not envision a better future. 

One day, tragedy struck when a fire engulfed Amna’s* neighborhood, a community of houses with highly flammable straw roofs. Tragically, two of Amna’s* sisters perished in the fire because they were by themselves at home. 

The devastating loss of Amna’s* sisters took a toll on her mother’s mental well-being, causing a noticeable decline. The burden of worries and grief became overwhelming for her. Fortunately, during a field visit to their village, an IGP social worker encountered the family and immediately stepped in to help. Recognizing the gravity of their situation, our team made the decision to provide support for Amna* and her sister’s education.

With IGP’s assistance, Amna* and her remaining sister’s basic needs, including food and clothing, were met as soon as they were rescued. Amna* was quickly enrolled in one of our partner school’s second grade classes. IGP also helped Amna’s* mother opened her own small shop, so that she could build a better life for herself and her daughters. Additionally, the family receives frequent counseling from our social workers. Though they have faced deep tragedy, Amna*, her sister, and their mother are seeing small glimpses of joy. 

Amna’s* story is just one of IGP’s many stories of rescue and hope.  Every day, girls in India face struggles much like hers.  IGP is dedicated to reaching these precious girls and giving them opportunities for a bright future. We are the sole international humanitarian organization working with grassroots organizations in India to rescue girls from abuse and neglect because of gender bias, to prevent trafficking, to save girls’ lives, and end female gendercide.    

*name changed for privacy.

Equality for girls in India
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