A Note from our Executive Director

“According to the historical census data of India, the female sex ratio has trended downward from a high of 972 in 1901 to an all-time love of 927 in 1991. While the trendline has moved upward since then, it has remained among the lowest in the world. Today, it is at just above 940, according to the 2011 census.

In many states, however, the numbers remain woefully lower than the national average (several states have ratios in the mid-to-high 800s). Many of these low-sex ratio states are considered hard to work in, as the prevalence of female gendercide remains steeped in the local mores and traditions.

This year our eyes are set on some of these so-called hard-to-work-in states. We are launching pilot projects to assess the viability of our strategy and methodology in these states while testing the feasibility of our new partnerships. Our aim has always been to launch, diligently manage, and wisely steward our partnerships in a way that guarantees a long-term provision of good quality care to girls and young women who are inducted into our care programs.

This year we have been invited once again to contribute to the 68th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Our founder, Jill and I will travel to New York in March to share our learnings with the attending representatives of member states, UN entities, and NGOs from all regions of the world. We have much to share, and much to learn.

A. George representing IGP at the UNCSW in March 2023, New York City.

We are just in the second month of the year, but I can already tell this year is going to be hectic and incredibly impactful. 

In 2023, we worked hard to fine-tune, right-size, and right-fit our teams in India and the US. We redesigned our strategy and methodologies, re-focused our vision and mission with a renewed commitment, and worked hard to get all our partners in shape by instituting a rigorous audit and training program. They are excited and ready, our staff is focused and committed, and our supporters and friends – YOU – have made it abundantly clear that you continue to believe in us. Of course, we could not do this without you. This is going to be a remarkable year; of that, I am certain!”

-Abraham George,
Executive Director

Equality for girls in India
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