2024 Mid-Year Update from Abey George, Our Executive Director

Female gendercide wasn’t a concept consciously acknowledged by many people in India, even just a decade ago, but today it is becoming increasingly prominent on the Indian radar. Over more than a decade of our efforts, you have faithfully stood with us to raise our voices together against this scourge.

At the start of this year, we set never-before-attempted targets – to create awareness and educate 150,000 people, and to establish new partnerships in so-called difficult states in North India. We are excited to let you know we are on our way to reaching both targets, and more.

Also, we are currently in the process of assessing new girls from around the country that need to be brought into the care of our partners. The need is great and often heartbreaking, but with your help, we expect to add 100 new girls to the program by the end of this year. Their stories of strugglesresilience, and transformation will encourage your hearts.

We are grateful for your continued partnership and support, and excited to help carry your vision for an India where girls are no longer invisible.

Equality for girls in India
starts with people like you