Spotlight on Sponsorship 

Supporters, if you’ve been following our journey, you’re familiar with the incredible impact made possible by our Child Sponsors. Thanks to their generous contributions, our girls receive the essential resources and nurturing required for their flourishing, alongside the invaluable opportunity to pursue an education.  In 2023, our Child Sponsorship program reached a milestone with 590 […]

Chana’s* Rescue 

In a quiet village, nestled amidst the rustic landscape of rural India, a tale of heartache and resilience unfolds. Married in 2002, Swarith* and Malini* had big dreams and aspirations for a blissful future together. After two years, they were ready to start a family. They knew they wanted to have a son. However, their […]

Amna’s Rescue 

Amna*, a nine year old girl, comes from a family facing immense financial hardship. Everyday, the family experienced unbearable tension because Amna* was the youngest of four daughters. Amna’s* father, unable to accept that he never had a son, was consumed by anger. Raised with the belief that a wife’s worth lay solely in bearing […]

Sadhana’s Rescue

When Narun* got married, his expectations were clear: he envisioned a line of male heirs to carry on his legacy. He was elated when his wife gave birth to a son. The arrival of their firstborn was celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Narun poured all his attention and resources into nurturing his baby boy.  Time […]

A Note from our Executive Director

“According to the historical census data of India, the female sex ratio has trended downward from a high of 972 in 1901 to an all-time love of 927 in 1991. While the trendline has moved upward since then, it has remained among the lowest in the world. Today, it is at just above 940, according […]

Community United: Commitment to Abolish Child Marriage

Community United: Commitment to Abolish Child Marriage

A woman competing in the art competition Two months ago one of our new partners helped girls lead a campaign against child marriage. Boys and girls, unified by the cause, worked together to reach their community. Almost 200 people came to the events during the two day campaign. The campaign had many highlights that included: […]

Give Joy and Hope this Christmas

Our team wishes you a joyful holiday season as Christmas and the New Year are quickly coming!  We are so thankful for you, because you helped us rescue more girls and reach even more people this year.  Our hearts are filled with gratitude this season, as we celebrate YOU and the milestones you helped us […]

A Story of Courage

Our Giving Tuesday story comes from deep in the rural countryside of South India. With only one road leading from their village to the big city, Samira*, her husband, and their five-year-old son lived outside the village. Though Samira’s husband worked on a farm, he frequently missed work because of his alcohol addiction. Additionally, their […]

Girls United: Campaigning Against Female Gendercide in Rural Communities

Girls United: Campaigning Against Female Gendercide in Rural Communities

As of recently, IGP has a new partner who is making incredible progress in combating the horrifying practices of female gendercide. This partner, based in the state of Maharashtra, has reached over 22,832 people in a four month period (from July to September 2023). They have achieved over 65% of our target goal! Their work […]