Give Joy and Hope this Christmas

Our team wishes you a joyful holiday season as Christmas and the New Year are quickly coming! 

We are so thankful for you, because you helped us rescue more girls and reach even more people this year. 

Our hearts are filled with gratitude this season, as we celebrate YOU and the milestones you helped us to achieve in 2023: 1. Girls graduating. Just this year, 25 of our girls graduated from high school and are continuing with their studies, like hundreds of girls we have supported before them. We desire all of our girls to be well 

educated and financially independent to become change agents someday! 

2. Multiplying awareness. In 2022, within India, we raised awareness about female gendercide, reaching a little more than 6,000 people. In 2023, one of our partners is on track to reach 35,000 by the end of this year, with our improved Awareness Initiatives program, multiplying our reach immensely! 

3. Girls taking the lead. After one of our awareness events, a group of girls from one school organized a campaign to fight child marriage. Their campaign was a success that then led to wider community mobilization to oppose child marriage and support girls and their right to be educated! 4. Families changing. Because we counsel families on the inherent value of their daughters, most recently, we saw another father who had previously been emotionally abusive, change his behavior and begin appreciating and caring for his daughter! We love seeing dads value their daughters, and we desire to see men across India rise up to advocate for girls and women!

5. Capacity increasing. Our India team has enhanced the capacity of our partners to reach even more people by training them in child care, counseling, data 

management, and financial accountability! Through new systems in place, all of our partners will reach even more girls and their families in 2024! 

As we look ahead to the new year, we wanted to share something from Rani, our Child Sponsorship Program Lead: 

“In 2023, we were able to reorganize our child sponsorship program and data, which is now led directly from India. We have updated our systems to enhance communication which will help us more smoothly and quickly provide information to the girls’ sponsors in 2024.” 

Because our sponsors mean so much to our rescued girls, we want to make the child sponsorship program user friendly and rewarding for you so that you can celebrate your impact on your girl’s life! 

As we near the end of 2023, we are asking for your continued support into the new year. Thanks to a generous donor, we have up to a $30,000 match! Our goal is to raise $30,000 to meet the match before 2024 starts! We need your help to achieve this $60,000 goal, so that we can continue to rescue precious girls’ in India. Any gift given will help bring joy to vulnerable girls at risk of gender based violence. Your support will help us start the new year stronger than ever before! 

You can donate here: https://invisiblegirlproject.givecloud.co/fundraising/forms/8 NDR26DK.

Equality for girls in India
starts with people like you