Today is Giving Tuesday!

Every Giving Tuesday, we highlight a story from the field – a story of transformation…a story of a girl’s life that has been changed.

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It’s #GivingTuesday!

Have you given today? Your gift can go a long way to help girls like Aashi who was RESCUED before she was TRAFFICKED. Can you imagine if no one ever celebrated your birthday? Aashi’s* mother died when she was young, and her father quickly remarried. They were extremely poor and forced Aashi to work from […]

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IGP Rescues Baby–Story from the Field

Nagamani* and Perumal wanted to marry each other desperately. But, they were from different castes, and Nagamani’s family could also not afford the dowry demanded by Perumal’s parents. Ignoring the societal traditions that would keep them apart, they married in a secret ceremony. Soon afterwards, Nagamani became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby […]

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Nidhi Sunil Crushing Gendercide

IGP is proud to partner with CrushXO and International Model and Activist Nidhi Sunil to #Crushgendercide … Check this video out HERE! #savegirls #NidhiSunil #CrushXO #visionaries #CrushGendercideXO

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IGP Partners with CRUSHXO

Have you seen what CRUSHXO is doing for Invisible Girl Project? We are so thankful that we have a partner who cares about raising awareness around the globe and working with us to #CRUSHGendercide. Thank you, CRUSHXO! Visit today!

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