Goals for 2024

Our IGP team wishes you all a happy and prosperous 2024!

As we have been celebrating the work IGP completed in 2023, we can’t help but look forward with excited anticipation to what’s ahead this year.

When asked about his thoughts for 2024, our Executive Director, Abey George said, “It has been one year since I was entrusted with the leadership of this mission and having spent my first year building the strengths and capacities of the team, I am confident that we are ready to begin breaking some new ground in 2024. We are ready to educate and inform
more people in India than we have ever attempted in the past; we are excited to launch game-changing partnerships that will take us to some of the states with the highest prevalence of female gendercide; and we have a strong and committed community of supporters and friends. I am super excited for what lies ahead.”

So that you can share our mission and vision of ending female gendercide in India, we want to share our three biggest goals of 2024 with you:

  1. Onboard new partners in different states to rescue more vulnerable girls, spread awareness, and increasingly create mindset change in communities throughout the country.
  2. Conduct research studies to measure the impact of IGP’s work over the past 13 years, and assess baseline metrics in the new states where we aim to launch new partnerships.
  3. Raise awareness about female gendercide to reach 150,000 people.

Our team is exhilarated and determined to accomplish these goals. However, we cannot do it without you. Your help in 2023 allowed us to see girls’ lives transformed and families’ hearts completely change toward their daughters all for the best!
We look forward to continued partnership with our Invisible Girl Project Community.

Equality for girls in India
starts with people like you