Activists uncover sex-selective abortions in India, reports CNN

We estimate that five to seven million sex-selective abortions are carried out in India every year. When undercover activists exposed a doctor carrying out illegal sex-selective abortions in India, he was convicted and jailed. But many are not caught. Help us change this injustice by giving here.

A pregnant woman sat in a hospital consultation room in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. She wanted to know the sex of her baby, she told the doctor.

In many countries, this would be a routine process, all part of becoming a new parent. But in India – where thousands of female fetuses are aborted every year – revealing the sex of an unborn child has been illegal since 1994.

Nevertheless, the doctor offered to tell the woman the sex of her baby for a one-off payment of 12,500 rupees ($190). She agreed and paid for the service, documenting everything on a hidden spy camera.

Huizhong Wu, CNN

Read CNN’s whole article here for more information and an interview with Jill McElya, our CEO.

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