Darshini’s Rescue 

Darshini’s* rescue story comes straight from the field, written by IGP Staff Writer, Aaron A.  In a quaint village surrounded by vast fields, lived a little girl named Darshini*. She was a radiant soul, full of laughter and love, but her life was filled with hardship. Darshini’s parents, illiterate farm laborers, struggled with poverty. Her […]

Hana’s* Rescue 

Hana* grew up in a family with strong patriarchal values. From a young age, she faced significant challenges due to gender bias and family issues. Her father believed only a son could continue the family’s legacy, often sidelining Hana and her sisters. Although her mother loved Hana and her sisters deeply, their father’s harsh expectations […]

Amna’s Rescue 

Amna*, a nine year old girl, comes from a family facing immense financial hardship. Everyday, the family experienced unbearable tension because Amna* was the youngest of four daughters. Amna’s* father, unable to accept that he never had a son, was consumed by anger. Raised with the belief that a wife’s worth lay solely in bearing […]

#EveryGirl in India is valuable, worthy, and equal to any boy

At the end of 2021, we rescued 163 girls who now need sponsors. We want a future in India with girls in it—and TODAY we’re launching a sponsorship campaign called #EveryGirl. We want #EveryGirl in India to know she is valued, worthy, and equal to any boy and we want #EveryGirl that we rescue to […]