Sponsorship 101: 3 ways to connect with your sponsored girl

Sponsorship can feel like a far-away endeavor if you aren’t given key ways to build a meaningful connection with your sponsored girl. Here are 3 ways you can create connection with her, even from across the world!

01 – Write letters 

The main way to build a meaningful connection with your sponsored girl is to write to her. This may seem small, but it is personal. Writing a letter to your sponsored girl allows you to build a relationship with her. Letters can include your name, where you’re from, basic information about you and your immediate family, your favorite activities, and why you chose to sponsor her. Your letters are an ongoing reminder of your support and care for her throughout the year!

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02 – Send pictures 

Pictures play a major role in the sponsorship process. In most cases, pictures of rescued girls are the first touch-point sponsors have with their sponsored girl in the sponsorship journey. Although sponsors have this initial touch-point, sponsored girls don’t have a visual of their sponsor unless you send one. Sending pictures of yourself or your family with your letter allows her to put a face to your words of care and support!

03 – Tell her story 

One more way that you can build a meaningful connection with your sponsored girl is to tell her story! This one may not be as obvious on the surface, but any time you share your girl’s story with someone else, you’re sharing her voice with your part of the world. Telling your sponsored girl’s story is actively raising awareness of her situation and is an important extension of your care for her.

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