You can never love too much: Divya & Sowmya’s story

Our new campaign, “You Can Never Love Too Much,” launches this week to kick off the month of February. In lieu of flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, we are asking people to give a gift that transcends just one day. Last year alone, our partners rescued 50 babies and little girls in India. The beautiful little girls featured in the picture above are two of these girls. During our recent trip to India, we were able to meet them and hear their story:

Divya* and Sowmya* knew from the earliest time they could remember that their father was mean to their mother, Kalairasi,* and that he cared little for them. They knew he really wanted a son.

When their mother gave birth to their premature baby sister, their father beat their mother and shouted obscenities at her for not “giving him a son.” Broken to the point of desperation, their mother fled their home with nothing but her three little girls and sought protection from local officials. Our partner learned of her need and stepped in to provide them with protection and care. Our partner also worked to pursue justice for the family, ensuring that the father was jailed so that he could no longer harm the family.

In the meantime, Divya and Sowmya’s baby sister failed to grow and Kalairasi became more concerned. Our partner immediately assisted in providing medical help. But the doctors discovered that the baby had a genetic heart condition—and it was too late to save her. The baby was too frail and died.

Heartbroken and alone, Kalairasi relied on the help of our partner’s social workers, who tenderly cared for her and her little girls. Our social workers ensure that Kalairasi knows she should never be abused. They are working to counsel and empower her. They also help make sure that the family’s needs are met. These girls are now given the chance at life and education. And, in spite of what their father or anyone else has ever told them, they are now taught they are inherently valuable.

Our desire is that Divya and Sowmya, along with other girls in our program, will grow into leaders and change-makers. We believe that the bias against girls and women in Indian culture must change from within. Ultimately, we desire to end gendercide in India once and for all.

This month, your Valentine’s Gift will help little girls like Divya and Sowmya and empowering mothers like Kalairasi. We want to help our partners rescue even more girls in 2017!

When you donate in February, you will receive an e-card that you can forward to your sweetheart, letting him or her know that you gave something in their honor that has a lasting impact. Give now.

Equality for girls in India
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