Darshini’s Rescue 

Darshini’s* rescue story comes straight from the field, written by IGP Staff Writer, Aaron A.  In a quaint village surrounded by vast fields, lived a little girl named Darshini*. She was a radiant soul, full of laughter and love, but her life was filled with hardship. Darshini’s parents, illiterate farm laborers, struggled with poverty. Her […]

Hana’s* Rescue 

Hana* grew up in a family with strong patriarchal values. From a young age, she faced significant challenges due to gender bias and family issues. Her father believed only a son could continue the family’s legacy, often sidelining Hana and her sisters. Although her mother loved Hana and her sisters deeply, their father’s harsh expectations […]

Spotlight on Sponsorship 

Supporters, if you’ve been following our journey, you’re familiar with the incredible impact made possible by our Child Sponsors. Thanks to their generous contributions, our girls receive the essential resources and nurturing required for their flourishing, alongside the invaluable opportunity to pursue an education.  In 2023, our Child Sponsorship program reached a milestone with 590 […]

Chana’s* Rescue 

In a quiet village, nestled amidst the rustic landscape of rural India, a tale of heartache and resilience unfolds. Married in 2002, Swarith* and Malini* had big dreams and aspirations for a blissful future together. After two years, they were ready to start a family. They knew they wanted to have a son. However, their […]

Amna’s Rescue 

Amna*, a nine year old girl, comes from a family facing immense financial hardship. Everyday, the family experienced unbearable tension because Amna* was the youngest of four daughters. Amna’s* father, unable to accept that he never had a son, was consumed by anger. Raised with the belief that a wife’s worth lay solely in bearing […]

Sadhana’s Rescue

When Narun* got married, his expectations were clear: he envisioned a line of male heirs to carry on his legacy. He was elated when his wife gave birth to a son. The arrival of their firstborn was celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Narun poured all his attention and resources into nurturing his baby boy.  Time […]

Manisi’s Rescue

Manisi* was born into an extremely impoverished family. She lived in perpetual struggle. Her family had to work hard every day just to survive. Manisi’s parents toiled under the hot sun, as laborers on a farm, so that they could put a little bit of food on the table at the end of each day. […]

Salonia’s Rescue

As soon as Salonia’s* parents got married, they were so excited to have a son! They knew they did not want daughters. In their minds, daughters were an nwanted burden. They longed to have a son because he guaranteed that they would be taken care of in their old age. However, their first child was […]

A Story of Courage

Our Giving Tuesday story comes from deep in the rural countryside of South India. With only one road leading from their village to the big city, Samira*, her husband, and their five-year-old son lived outside the village. Though Samira’s husband worked on a farm, he frequently missed work because of his alcohol addiction. Additionally, their […]