Manisi’s Rescue

Manisi* was born into an extremely impoverished family. She lived in perpetual struggle. Her family had to work hard every day just to survive. Manisi’s parents toiled under the hot sun, as laborers on a farm, so that they could put a little bit of food on the table at the end of each day. […]

Salonia’s Rescue

As soon as Salonia’s* parents got married, they were so excited to have a son! They knew they did not want daughters. In their minds, daughters were an nwanted burden. They longed to have a son because he guaranteed that they would be taken care of in their old age. However, their first child was […]

Goals for 2024

Our IGP team wishes you all a happy and prosperous 2024! As we have been celebrating the work IGP completed in 2023, we can’t help but look forward with excited anticipation to what’s ahead this year. When asked about his thoughts for 2024, our Executive Director, Abey George said, “It has been one year since […]