One of our Influencers: Shruthi Parker at @thehonestshruth

Use your voice as a Social Media Influencer!

Influencers support the mission of saving girls’ lives in India by committing to circulating our social media. This role is essential in helping to boost public attention and spread awareness of our mission.

how it works

We regularly post on social media to share our mission to save girls’ lives in India to end female gendercide. But we know we can’t be alone in spreading the word globally about our work. As an Influencer, you have a crucial volunteer role in helping us spread the word across social media.

Turn on notifications for our Instagram posts by going to one of our photos and clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.

Share at least 4 of IGP’s posts to your Instagram story per month.

Save at least 4 of IGP’s Instagram posts per month.

Support our major fundraising campaigns (such as Giving Tuesday or Day of the Girl!) by re-sharing content to your Instagram story. You’ll receive this information in your email well before the campaign begins!

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