Human Trafficking & Gendercide

India’s massive gender gap has resulted in human trafficking. The 2013 US Department of State Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report stated that girls in India are “being sold or coerced into forced marriages in states with low female-to-male gender ratios … some of whom are subsequently forced into prostitution.”

Sex trafficking is a consequence of India’s gender imbalance. When millions of men go unmarried because millions of potential brides have been killed, men are more inclined to purchase sex. Young girls are forced to service sometimes up to 20 men a day in dirty brothels far from home.

Girls are also trafficked into villages to become brides for men who have no women to marry. When children are forced to marry, the results are devastating–high maternal mortality rates, high infant mortality rates, and increased likelihoods of domestic violence and HIV for the brides. In addition, these girls are no longer educated.