We want a future in India with girls in it.

63 million girls are missing from India’s population. Join us in ending female gendercide!

our mission

Rescue Girls. Pursue Justice. End female Gendercide in India.

Female gendercide is the mass killing of girls and women just because they are female. Girls in India are systemically under-valued and subjected to terrible injustice. We’re committed to shedding light on this atrocity, combatting it, and caring for its survivors.

What we do

We rescue & empower

At the grassroots level, we go upstream to rescue vulnerable girls and stop the cycle of female gendercide before it starts.

Awareness Initiatives

In India, we are teaching how to identify female gendercide, training people to respond to it, and transforming the societal value of females.

We raise global awareness

At the global level, we educate on the issue of female gendercide and propel people to action through advocacy, fundraising, and social influence.


If we’re going to rescue girls from violence, pursue justice for lives lost, and end female gendercide, we need you with us.