How did you get your name?

In India, girls are not often seen as valuable and in many families they are “invisible,” unwanted, neglected. IGP works to increase the perceived value of girls in Indian culture, so they are no longer invisible.

How can we contact IGP?

The best way to get a hold of us is to email: info@invisiblegirlproject.org.

Our mailing address is: Invisible Girl Project, PO Box 99068, Raleigh, NC 27624

Can we sponsor a child?

Yes. Please go to our child sponsorship page. Child Sponsorship is $35/month. 100% of your sponsorship goes to the field to sponsor your child.

Can we visit and/or work with one of your partners?

At this time, IGP has no employment needs overseas. Because little girls, survivors of infanticide, may have been traumatized in the past, we work hard to protect them and their path of restoration. The staff in place in India is highly trained and fully committed which is best for the girls. Our partners, therefore, generally do not allow visitors.

How can I start raising money for Invisible Girl Project?

Check out our Fundraising Page for more information. You can have a tangible impact!

Is Invisible Girl Project a faith-based organization?

Invisible Girl Project is an international human rights organization, serving all people regardless of religious beliefs. IGP believes partnerships across religious, political, social, and cultural boundaries are vital in working towards the abolition of gendercide in India. Though the co-founders of IGP are inspired by their faith, a system of faith is not required in the work of IGP and we value the diverse perspectives of our staff and supporters.

Where do you get your funding?

Individuals primarily fund invisible Girl Project. IGP also seeks funding from foundations, grants and various communities.

Do you work with the government?

Yes, we (and our partners) think it is very important to help the Indian government in combatting this issue and are happy to provide assistance in the form of trainings, strategic planning or advocacy.

Are you accepting new partners?

We regularly get requests to accept new Indian partners, although our capacity precludes us from helping them all. Please contact info@invisiblegirlproject.org, if your organization is in need of assistance.

Are you hiring?

We may be looking for an intern to help in our headquarters in the US and are always eager for volunteer help, particularly for raising awareness and fundraising (link to Fundraising page). Please email info@invisiblegirlproject.org.

Is anyone on your staff able to do an interview?

Our staff members are generally available for media interviews. Due to high demand, we are less able to provide interviews for other purposes, such as student research projects. But, please make the request to info@invisiblegirlproject.org, and we will see what we can do.