since 2011

We rescue girls, provide freedom, and empower through education. We want a future in India with girls in it.

About female gendercide

Female gendercide is the mass killing of girls and women just because they are female. We’re committed to shedding light on this atrocity, combatting it, and caring for its survivors.

Our proven strategy is RICE.

Our RICE (Rescue. Intervention. Care. Empowerment) program rescues vulnerable babies and girls from being killed or trafficked, intervenes in the lives of needy families to support their daughters, cares for rescued girls, and empowers women in order to end female gendercide in India.

We partner with local organizations in India and rescue girls from infanticide, violence, child labor, and child marriage. We also care for girls who were abandoned or vulnerable to trafficking or prostitution.

Where laws have been broken or lives have been taken, we pursue justice for victims in the local court system. We’re making sure that laws regarding child marriage are being upheld so that children aren’t forced to be wives.

We provide trauma counseling so that no girls are left on their own to process what they’ve faced. Rescued girls regularly meet with social workers in order to experience healing and restoration from all they’ve been hurt by.

Girls’ rights are human rights, and rescued girls are consistently hearing this truth. We also provide quality education or training in a trade so that rescued girls can break the cycle of gendercide in their family.

With our holistic RICE program, we reach over 60 rural villages and slums across India so that girls and women can lead full, productive lives and can ultimately be change-makers in their culture.