For Students

Student Advocacy Program

Invisible Girl Project knows you are committed to fighting injustice. We want to help you in your work to end gendercide, by providing you a variety of resources on how to get involved!

1. Easy Step — Get Involved On Social Media

Stay updated with Invisible Girl Project by following us on Instagram or Twitter or liking us on Facebook! Additionally, you can set Google alerts up on your Gmail account to receive articles with key terms such as “gendercide,” to keep up-to-date on the issue.

2. Collect Your Loose Change —
Join the “Find 50 Million” Campaign!

Much like pennies here in the U.S., many consider girls in India of little worth. Girls are trafficked, abused, neglected, or killed with little concern. Because girls in India have been treated with such little value for many years, the United Nations estimates that 50 million girls and women are now missing from India’s population.

Join us in raising support and awareness of IGP. By collecting spare change, every cent you collect represents one of the missing girls in India. Click HERE for a flyer for the 50 Million Campaign that you can share with your student organization and other students on campus.

Find 50 Million Flyer

3. Write Letters to Rescued Girls

Write a Letter

So many of the girls we work with come from very vulnerable situations. Many have faced abuse or neglect by their families. At IGP, we want to do everything to ensure these rescued girls know that they are loved and valued. Will you help us write the rescued little girls in our program, telling them how valuable they truly are? We believe that every girl is precious and deserves to feel adored. When she receives your letter, she’ll be reminded of how loved and supported she is. If you are interested in writing, please email:

You Can Easily Help Save Lives!

We love helping students get passionate about combatting gendercide. IGP tries to assist in every way possible by providing ways to get you involved in this fight for justice:

“Give Your Birthday” Campaign

How many of us have more than we need already? Consider asking your family and friends to donate to IGP instead of giving you gifts this year. Start a campaign, share it on social media, and see how much you can raise for your special day! Every dollar will go to saving little girls in India.

Start your campaign

Pledge Your Grades Campaign

Pledging donations for grades is a great way to involve kids of all ages in advocacy. You (or your child) can set goals for grades, and when they are achieved, the donor gives a certain amount of money. This method allows families to get involved with their children in not only working to achieve goals, but also helping others along the way.

Pledge your grades

Community Yard Sale

This method works well for large organizations looking to raise money for IGP. Collect donations from friends and family, and pick a day to create a large community yard sale. Have everyone get involved in donating, setting up, advertising and selling. On early mornings, you may be able to find a local restaurant to donate coffee and biscuits to sell at your yard sale! Let us know if you are hosting a sale!

Email Us

Inform Your Campus About Gendercide

Use our downloadable brochures to hand out information about IGP and gendercide in your area. For any events that aren’t listed or that you create on your own such as a lemonade stand or bake sale, you can access our downloadable basic flyer to spread the news about your event here.

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