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We are looking for people like you to speak up and stand out. When you make a commitment to become an advocate, you are joining a community of people who recognize the power in coming together for justice. When we come together as a collective unit, we refuse to be unseen and unheard. We refuse to let victims and survivors stand alone.

We’re looking for people like you who are passionate about justice. When you sign up to become an IGP Advocate, you’ll be notified of groundbreaking opportunities to rise up against injustice. Some of these opportunities include:

Pushing for policy change in your country

Contacting your governmental representatives

Being an asset to justice operations in India

Anytime you are notified of an opportunity to contact your leaders, IGP will also provide verbiage for you to follow. It will include information about the issue or bill that needs to be brought to attention, how to talk to your leader about the bill, and information on how your voice is saving the lives of little girls in India.

Join your voice with countless other advocates to make a last impacting.

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