Melody Gandy

Melody Gandy has served on the Board of Directors for Invisible Girl Project for over three years and is currently the Vice-Chair of the Board.

Melody particularly has a heart to combat female feticide. With a history of fighting for the unborn, Melody advises Invisible Girl Project on bringing change to a mindset of a culture of beliefs that girls’ lives are disposable. She sees all life as inherently valuable and believes that no female should be discriminated against, in any form—feticide, infanticide, neglect or trafficking.

Melody has a history of speaking about these and similar issues. She is a graduate of Ball State University with a degree in Speech Communications. Melody has traveled throughout the US, speaking at numerous conferences and college campuses. She formerly worked for CRU and also has led numerous groups for wives of players in the National Football League.

Melody and her husband, Dylan, live in Carmel, Indiana with their three children.