Become an IGP Visionary

IGP’s Vision Team Sees the Invisible Girl. Each member of our team is a true “Visionary.” They see the big picture of what we are doing to save girls’ lives. They see what the future in India could be, when girls are valued. Our Visionaries believe that gendercide can end in our lifetime.

Our Vision Team is our core group of monthly partners who have committed to helping us reach more people and increase global activism so female gendercide can no longer be ignored. Each Visionary on our team makes it possible for us to send 100% of Child Sponsorship and Cow Loan donations to the field. We couldn’t do this work without them.

To support Invisible Girl Project’s growth and ability to rescue girls and empower women across India, will you consider being one of our Vision Team members? Will you join this fight to end gendercide and become a VISIONARY today?

Invisible Girl Project’s Vision Team

Because we cannot do this work without our team, here are the people who believe in the cause and have joined in helping others See the Invisible Girl:

  • Margaret and Larry Butts
  • Jeff and Nancy Johnson
  • Bridget Christner
  • Members of IGP Board of Directors
  • Patrick and Jennifer Thompson
  • Charla Stoneking
  • Brian and Tricia Southworth
  • AS Burke
  • Morgan McNew
  • Amanda Hudson
  • Anonymous (4)